Best way to start a week!

While a lot of people hate Sundays, I can't help but feel like its the beginning to a new week!
A new week full of new adventures, tasks, goals.  And of course freebies!

I sometimes feel like I need to go to rehab for my hunt addiction... I almost never stay focused on a single hunt.  I'll stop at one store, pick up all their prizes for various hunts, then one of those hunt prizes will have a landmark for a store that I adore... whether its on the path of the original hunt or not.

  *Hello my name is Savannah Porterfield, and I have a hunt addiction..*

First picture of the day!  Violent Seductions has this gorgeous dress as their Twisted Hunt gift.  I love purple, and I love the design on the front.  It even came with Tango appliers!

While on the Twisted Hunt, I came across another hunt called Music is Life 2.0
So being a music lover I had to go and do a couple stores on that hunt as well... Did I mention I suffer from shiny object syndrome?

 First stop on the hunt was a store I had never heard of, Pretty Kitties.  Their prize was this adorable lingerie set, and it also came with a set of men's boxers.

Next prize I fell in love with was this shirt and skirt combo from .::Vivid::. another store I had never been to.  The detail on the skirt is awesome and would be a great addition to anyone's wardrobe.

Now I'm off to find more hunt goodies and start planning out the week!
xoxoxo- Savvy