Energy filled Monday :3

What a great way to start a week!
Energy Club is celebrating their 3rd anniversary.
Lots of designers have put new gifts out for the group members.

Group membership is free, and the gifts are free... did I mention FREE? haha

 [Cynful] Clothing & Co put out this yellow lace, semi-transparent mini-dress, complete with Tango Appliers
 The heels I have on are Sakide's free gift.

Next up was this sexy number from Lil' Lace.  
Appliers included with this gift too!

Delirium Style has a casual shirt/blazer combo complete with pants out.

Pixelites Inc. put out this cute baby blue mesh dress.

All of these are free gifts when you join the free group at Energy Club.
Here's your limo

xoxoxoxox - Savvy