Hurry Hurry!

So I never blog twice in one day.
Etchaflesh is having a promotion.
Etchaflesh just released a new line of clothing called the Nefarious Outfits.
Check them out HERE
Then go over and like the Etchaflesh Facebook page HERE
Now here is the best thing.  If you like the page, and you purchase a Nefarious Outfit, before MIDNIGHT SLT on 3-22-13, send a message through facebook to Etchaflesh, include your transaction history of buying the outfit, and you get to pick another Nefarious outfit... FOR FREE.

Thats 2 Nefarious outfits, for the price of one.  And these things are freaking GREAT.

It also comes with a gag, and blindfold.
The legwarmers come with a shoe on or off version so you could wear your own shoes if you want.
And it comes in like 19 different colors.
Make sure you try a demo before buying.

Marketplace link is HERE
In world store is HERE

Hurry!  This is only good until Midnight SLT March 22nd!

xoxoxoxox - Savvy