M is for Monday... or Men

Luckily, today its for the latter >:)
So it is no secret that men get the short end of the stick when it comes to stuff in SL
And sometimes it takes a little extra digging to look good for less.
SO today I remembered Yasum Designs has freebies out for girls AND boys.
All you have to do is join their FREE group.
So I grabbed a boy and drug him over to see what they had.

First up this Chicago Suit.
Comes with shoes, hat, and the suit is completely mesh.
Every guy needs at least one suit right???

Next was this Chicago Pants Outfit.
Again, shoes, and hat are included.
This outfit even includes pasties.
There is also a female version of it.

This is just a sample of what they had.  We seen several free skins, quite a few medieval like outfits, and just a lot of other stuff that you will have to check out for yourself.

Here's your TAXI!

(Side note, they have tons of female freebies too!)

xoxoxox - Savvy