Monday Boobie Freebies

Hallo peeps!  *sleepy waves*

I took the weekend off due to hectic schedule rl but I'm back!
With more tata goodness!
Ember and I decided to hit up a few more stores on the H.a.t.t. hunt together.
Yay for quality girl time :)

This was my first trip to this store but I loved the stuff there :D
The H.a.t.t. prize was this summer ready outfit.
I almost look ready to slow run across the beach eh?

While there I joined the group, and they had this pretty dress set out as a group gift.
And since St. Patty's day is soon... Best get your green stocked up!
Unless you like being pinched ;)

Next up is MDL

This cute little top was the H.a.t.t. prize.
The shorts were a free gift sitting out on the counter so be sure to grab them.

Last but not least, DeeTaleZ
I love pink.  And this top was the perfect shade :)

All the prizes come with Tango Appliers so get your butts into gear and get on the Tango Train before the hunt ends!

xoxoxoxox- Savvy