Did that catch your attention? ;)
I hope so because I have new shiny things to show you!

Ducknipple, one of the more interesting named stores in SL, has a BUNCH of new stuffs!
 First up, these DN Mesh: Jessi Jeans.
Best way to tell if jeans are good, see how they look on  your ass.
And as you can see, these are fantastic :3
Comes in 5 sizes and a deformer pair.
A girl really can't have too many jeans.
DN Mesh Baggy Jeans are perfect to just hang out in or go out clubbing with.
Same deal as above, 5 standard sizes and a deformer pair.

Can't forget about the girly part that screams for attention.
DN Mesh: Shredded is so pretty.
Comes with a hud so you can change the dress between 12 different colors.

If you are looking for something with a few less holes, DN Mesh: Zipper Dress is equally cute.
It also comes with a hud so you can change the grey part between 11 other colors!

For more casual days, the DN Mesh Denim Mini Skirt is perfect ^.^
It comes in the 5 standard sizes and a deformer version just like the jeans.
See my boots?!  So in love with these.
They are called DN Mesh: Studded Boots, and they come with a hud with 14 color options!
Best thing, they are unisex so guys grab these as well.

So head over to Ducknipple and grab these gems.
If Sl has been keeping you in one place like it has me lately (-.-) they are also on marketplace HERE
And they are super reasonably priced, and as you can see, come with tons of options.

xoxoxoxox - Savvy


  1. First jeans no cos I hate my ass hanging out of anything, second jeans get the Blueray thumbs up!


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