Something strange for Easter :D

I like the unusual.
The strange, the weird.
I was at the pose fair and stumbled across this avi that quite literally looked like a pencil outline with wings.
I squealed in her ims, asked her where it came from.
She directed me HERE
And I grabbed one for my very own!

it comes with everything you see, including wings.
and there is a male version too!
And it's FREE!
However she said today was the last day you could get it.
So hurry!

Hoppy Easter everybunny!

xoxoxox - Savvy


  1. Hello

    I guess the link is wrong because there is nothing there.

  2. I went and she had deleted the sim as well as the freebies. There are different colored ones up on marketplace for 600L though. It was a limited time freebie and I guess I got it right before she picked it up.


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