A new men's hunt :D

I was browsing hunts this morning during some downtime and came across the
.:Mr.Hunter:. Hunt.
I was intrigued so I peeked at the preview pics and found a couple of cool prizes.
Since it was male only (yay for guys!) I grabbed my male alter ego and went to a couple stores to check out the loot.
You're looking for a little sculpted pipe in this hunt.

First thing I have to show you is this trench coat, jeans and tucked in shirt from Dragonlady's Closet.

I love old reporter looks.  And this one suits him to a T.

This T-shirt from Cherry Bomb was another great find.
I really like the bleeding heart.  Did I mention I'm a fan of the macabre?
Limo to Cherry Bomb 

I'm off to do a bit more hunting and will show a couple more prizes from this hunt soon!
All info about the hunt can be found HERE 

xoxoxox - Savvy