Good day for Duck hunting ^.^

Have I mentioned how much I love the name of 'Ducknipple'?
Because its one of my favorite stores... the name always makes me giggle and causes a great reaction among friends.
Anyways, so much newness at Ducknipple.
I can't pick just one thing to blog... or even two.
So grab your seats... and on to the newness!

This picture I'm wearing the Ramona Mesh Skirt which comes in 5 sizes plus deformer size.
Also a hud so you can pick from 12 different colors.
The boots are called the Rambo Boots.  Unisex and comes with a 14 color hud.

This lovely number is the Ester Sweater.  
Again 12 color hud allows you to choose a color that matches, as well as 5 standard mesh sizes.
I am also wearing the Ani Hotpants but you can't see them really well.
Had to cover up due to the sim :D

The DN Bodysuit was a WIN.
I really loved the way it fit my body without cutting in to my curves.
It comes with the 12 color changing hud, and the 5 standard sizes plus deformer.

For us girls that may need a little more oomph in their trunk, the Fairy Booty Dress is a good choice.
It adds to the derriere so nicely.
And being able to use the color changing hud means you can match it to almost anything.

I promise I wasn't doing what you think I was doing!
One of my favorite new releases is this Accidental Skirt with knickers.
I love the way the panties are hanging around your thighs.
The greatest thing?  The skirt and knickers come with 30 different coloring options EACH.

So go check out the newness and kiss your lindens goodbye! haha
Limo to Ducknipple

xoxoxox - Savvy