I'm Ninja, Damn it!

Good morrrrning blog babies!  I hopes you all are having an awesome morning full of squishy goodness.  I logged in this morning to newness from D-Style and that makes me a happy brat!  I just had to let you guys in on the not-so-secret.  *leans over and whispers in your ear*  "I totally lurve this store!"  Take a peek down below and fall in love with meh!

Did I mention this also comes with Lola Appliers?  Uh huh, sa-weet!...I know right??
Outfit:  - D-Style - Terror  (top, skirt, legwarmer boots, gloves & goggles)
Hair: Analog Dog - tangled - dark reds
*slips out with whispers of "go to D-Style" lingering in her wake*
Kaileebaby aka Ninja-dollie