Monday Monday Monday

Yay!  Feeling so much better and life is great right now!
And now I'm catching up on all the newness from Ducknipple.
Without further adieu, on to the good stuffs!

 I like this look.. I look so badass
The top is the Zipped Corset, and the pants are the Studded Leggings.
Both come in the 5 standard mesh sizes and a 12 color hud.
The boots are the Lena Shoes with a color change hud.

This racy, daring dress is so hot.
Well, maybe not so hot since it bares so much skin... but you get my point.
The Trenn Dress comes with the 12 color hud, 5 sizes and deformer size.
Perfect for these soon to be hot summer nights!

I am the Princess Ninja!
I love love love the new Gass Jacket.  Em even said, Sav it's you!
The hud lets you choose from 12 different coloring options.
The Emma Skirt is so short and cute.  So if I get caught at least I can flash skin and escape!
And with it's hud I can match it to the jacket!
They both come in the standard 5 sizes, the jacket also has a deformer option.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Ducknipple's hud option that comes with most of their clothing?
Saves sooo much inventory room. 

Here's your limo to Ducknipple

xoxoxox - Savvy aka Ninja Princess!