More retail therapy

I think I am going to have to move some of my clothes to Ember's closets soon...
Or I may have to admit, I have a shopping problem.

I'm sure the merchants are happy though lol.
ANYWAYS, on to the newness!

I love miniskirts.  The tinier the better.
And this one, doesn't even leave room for underwear >.>
Its called the [R3] - Super Mini from !R3VOLT! 

Ahhh someone shined a light on me while I was drowning in shopping bags..
But I looked good after the shopping binge in my [R3] Halter top-Illuminati (again from !R3VOLT!)
and my Mirna Skirt from Ducknipple.  The skirt comes with a hud with a lot of options.
So you can match it to about anything... which comes in handy for people with a ton of tops.
(like me!)

 And now I'm broke, but the last thing on my list was a dress I could be versatile with.
Goal accomplished with Ducknipple's Sloan Dress.
12 colors in the hud so you can change it to match your mood :D

xoxoxox - Happy Humpday