R3volutionize your closet :3

Its Thursday which means the weekend is almost here!
Sorry for the sporadic posts. 
Life is wonderful and busy.
R3volt has a few new things though.  So far behind on newness!

Collar: [R3] - Bellatrix Collar
Top: [R3] Red Luna Strapped Top 
Boots: [R3] - Eevie boots
Skirt: [R3] - Lowrise Mini
I know I have blogged the skirt before but it was perfect with this ensemble.
The collar, top, and boots come with color change huds :3
And those that know me, know I'm a hud addict.
I promise I will try to get back on top of blogging!

Limo to !R3VOLT !

xoxoxox - Savvy