Rough weekend!

I am so sorry my lovelies!
Behind on posting at the moment due to sickness.
Thought I was going to catch up yesterday but SL had other plans. ('unscheduled inventory maintenance' means Savvy was a cloud most of the day and couldn't unpack anything or even open notecards!)
BUT, everything seems sorta back to normal today.
(Only on the SL side... still sick >.<)

On to the freebie goodness!
Ember and I ran across the Cosmetic Fair the other day.
Lots of designers have booths set up.
Only a couple gifts are out, but quality over quantity eh?

Elymode has a pack of 8 shadows out.  This is just one of them

For those that prefer a more dramatic flair in their make up, ~Oceane~ has this Butterfly and Lace make-up out.

For girls like me that like it rough (*gigglesnort*) [the Skinnery] has this handprint for your face.

Ever An' Angel has this outfit out for free.
Top, skirt, bracelet, earrings and necklace.
Full outfit.  For free!  Just join the FREE group and slap the board.
SL ate mine yesterday but the store owner was so polite and nice when I explained it to her.
The store is worth a look around too!  SO many pretty things.

Cosmetic Fair is HERE
Ever An' Angel is HERE

I don't know how long either will be out for so best hurry!
Back to bed with me, with my best friends Dayquil and coughdrops.

xoxoxox - Savvy