Topless Tuesday!

Rather.. the opposite of the title...
The playhouse hosts a Topless Tuesday Event every week!
Today, I'm in a rebellious mood so I decided to show off my covered tatas :3
All the tops are newness from DuckNipple *gigglefits* and 20.FIVE

First up is the Paula Vest is from Ducknipple
Comes with a HUD and 5 Standard sizes + the Deformer size

Next is the Strapped Top, from Ducknipple
I really love how this top looks... Maybe it's just the straps >.>
Hud and the 5 sizes + Deformer are included

This sexy shirt is called the 'Lifted' from 20.FIVE
Bra is not included!  It does come with pasties.
5 sizes + Deformer and the Hud come with it.

Ducknipple's Debay Corset is the last thing I'm going to show you today.
Once more, hud and the 5 sizes + deformer.

Limo to DuckNipple
Limo to  20.FIVE

Happy Tuesday and watch out for those rolling restarts!!

xoxoxox - Savvy


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