Sleep is R3volting

Lack of sleep does weird things.
But Ember is pushing me to go get rest, so this will be a quickie post.

Look at all the newness from !R3VOLT!

This is the new [R3] - Alice Jacket in red.
Comes in 2 forms.  With a hood, and without.  I'm wearing the one without a hood.
It comes with a hud so you can change the undershirt, side straps and chest straps.
The skirt is the [R3] - Lowrise Mini in Dark.
Comes in the 5 standard mesh sizes.

 This little sexy thing is the new [R3] Veronica Harness.
It comes in 2 different versions, the closed version which I'm sporting.
And an open version, which shows a LOT more.
Tons of colors to choose from at the store.  And the 5 standard sizes plus deformer size.

That is all for today everyone!
xoxoxox - Savvy