Berry, Berry, Blue.

Not really, that was yesterday.
Today the sun is shining,  life is OK!

So yesterday I got a notice telling me that 
Blueberry has a new group gift in store.
I wandered down and found that gift and more.
On with the show!

In the above photo is my brand new favorite piece in my wardrobe.
Blueberry's Anya *mesh* hoodie in white.
I saw it hanging there under the group gift sign and swooned. 
I am such a fan of cute casual wear!!!
 Did I mention it's FREE??

In this photo I am wearing their newest Gift.
 Karen *Mesh* Belted Dress (4 colours 5 sizes)
Mr Stinky and Miss Pinky loved it so much 
they begged to be in this photo too.
(My bossy sock puppets :/)
Find these dresses and a ton more for FREE
 @ Blueberry when you join their in world group

Styling Credits:

Photo #1

 Hair: TRUTH, ~Crys in Light blonde Oasis, streaked.
 Head: Snow Rabbit, ~ Nea in Natural Beige.
 Glasses: Ellemeno, ~ Clean Glasses, pink with bow.
Puppets: Pixels Matter, ~ Puppy Dots.
Jeans: Ducknipple, ~ Lazy jeans & shoes. ( Hud included)

Photo #2

Hair: << (red)Mint ------->>, ~ Free colour demo in satin blonde.* All colours of this style was free. *
Hair Bow: MAGIKA, ~ Kawaii bow (with hud) ** Not sure if still available.**
Puppets: Pixels Matter, ~ Puppy Dots.

That's it for now folks.. Lots of love n stuff.
Ember, xoxo