Coming out of a holiday weekend.

I hate the end to a long weekend.
But the good news is, SLX has newness!
Each outfit comes with shoes, accessories, and clothes!
I've linked each outfit's marketplace link under the picture.
After spending all weekend running amock, this was the perfect outfit for kicking back.
The Lazy Outfit is 100L here

 This pretty dress is good if you have a sunburn, doesn't cling too close to your skin.
Long Dress is 95L here

And in case you do have another party to get to, this dress is perfect for that.
The Lace Dress can be found for 95L here

Last but not least is this comfy ensemble.
The Dollie is 95L and can be found here

And again, each outfit comes with the shoes, jewelry, and clothes!
Such a steal.
And these are all promotional prices, so hurry before they are marked to regular price!

xoxoxox- Savvy