Genie in a bottle

So, guess what I'm blogging today?!
Kastle Rock Couture is hosting an Arabian Nights Hunt.
Info on the hunt is HERE 

I found a couple of the hunt prizes.
They are 1L a piece but they are so pretty!
 Links to the stores are under each picture :3


 [Electric] has this pretty yellow and blue number out as their hunt gift.

This colorful outfit is from [TF] - Tamiron Forge

This entire outfit, pants, jewelry, veil, is from Kastle Rock

>Something Sexy< was my last but deffo not least stop today.
This is perfect for just running around town, as I was doing obviously lol.

Like I said, each outfit was a linden, but thats pretty close to free.
And you can never have enough genie outfits.

xoxoxox - Savvy