I love Madpeas.
This is no secret for those that know and love me.
They always put on the best hunts.
There is always a story to follow the hunt.  So it's not traditional, and for those people like me, that love a good mystery, their hunts are perfect!
They recently JUST started the second part of their Key of Hope Hunt.
And since this is not a traditional hunt, I won't be posting links to the stores.
Madpea has you solve the mystery then at the end, you get ALL the prizes at once.
So go HERE for all the information that you need.
The hud is 150L so its not free, but the lindens go to Relay For Life.
So great cause and epic prizes!
50 prizes in all!
BUT I'm only showing you some of my personal favorites.
Seriously, its great linden spent, go do it!

 Ankle Biter is offering this Petite Dragonfly Outfit.
It comes with the outfit, wings, antennae, and arm and leg wraps.

Dwarfin's is giving away this Dwarfins Enchantress Avatar

ThatChick's Prize is this awesome ridable seahorse.
I named him Jack.

In this picture I am rocking the LUAS IDAIRA
This outfit comes with the belt, skirt, bracelets, necklace, and nose rings.
and the Feredir Cloak is from FATEwear.
My top is one I found in my inventory, I don't remember where it is from :s

Here is [Sakide]'s prize, the Pixie Dresses in purple.
and the Fairy's Wing Cloth wings matched so well!

Happy Hunting and remember to read the story as you go along.
The prizes are secondary to the mystery you are solving!

xoxoxox - Savvy