Hump day dressiness!

If you are like me, you have a ton of events to attend in the coming weeks :3
Weddings, parties, showers.
Its enough to make a girl drop an entire weeks pay on new clothes!
Luckily a few places have dresses out that you can grab for free or just a linden!
That'll let you save money for that new bikini that has caught your eye ;)

INNUENDO has this gorgeous outfit out as a group gift.
Group is free to join.

TOPAZIA has this and a purple version out for 1 Linden a piece.
You have to join their free group to buy.

~Acid Lily~ has two dresses out as group gifts.
The first is this one from Leri Miles Designs.
Join the group then click on LMD's easel.

Then at the entrance to ~Acid Lily~, when you join the group you can get this sexy green cocktail dress from even.flow.

Thats all for today folks and folkettes

xoxoxox - Savvy