Humpday Freebies!

The Men Only Hunt started today!
Looks like 90+ stores are involved, lots of free stuff for men.
So I grabbed my male alter ego and went to do the first few stores.

 Men's Rocker Outfit
Shirt, Jacket, and Jeans all included.

Rock 'N' Roll Set
T-shirt, Button up Shirt, Pants, and boots.
Never to old to rock Bracelets

This outfit is called 'Jeff'
Comes with shoes, pants, hoodie, mp3 player, headphones, wrist bands... And this kick ass beanie.

My alter ego is satiated for now with his new clothes :3
But there were a few more stores I want to hit up, so I will be posting more on this hunt later on!
Info on the hunt can be found HERE

xoxoxox - Savvy