I'm a Plastik kinda girl :3

Plastik is probably one of my oldest favorite stores.
Always excellent stuff to be found.
She just put out her May Boobie Freebies!


Jaida Dresses://Ocean


Aradia Tops:// Elegant
The Skirt wasn't free, but was part of a HUGE pack for FLF.  (fifty linden friday)

Aradia Tops:// Cheeta
Again, the top was free, skirt was not, was also part of the FLF..

All the dresses and tops are part of the FREE May Boobie Gift.
The skirts are part of her Fifty Linden Friday Gift, which has tons of skirts, tops, dresses, etc.

Hurry over to Plastik and check all her stuff out!

xoxoxox - Savvy