Twas a dark and stormy night...

Well, its a cloudy and stormy day...
And the cruddy weather has dampened my mood.
So I headed over to the Goth Fair
For those whom don't know what this is for, it benefits the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.
This foundation was created in memory of a young woman who was killed for being goth.
I usually don't need a reason to spend lindens, but as I have said time and time again, great cause, good clothes.
What more do you need?

I found a few things that I had to have.
Did I mention I really need to clean my inventory too? lol

 First up is the Red Concubine Dress from Sakide. (180 Lindens)
The collar is the Adoness Lilin Choker and it also comes with earrings. (60 Lindens)
Horns and Wings were a Gatcha prize from Stringer Museum. (Horns 25L a chance, wings were 40L a try)
Make-up was from Pin-me-Down and called Evilyn *snickers* (65 Lindens)

Ohmahgah a ghost!
This outfit I was rocking the Royal Dress- Goth Edition from *Rotten Defiance* (100 Lindens)
And this make-up was a freebie from Beautiful Freak Cosmetics.(FREE)

So where you can get the goods:
Sakide and the freebie from Beautiful Freak is on the Port Seraphim Sim
Adoness, *Rotten Defiance*, Pin-me-down, and the Gatchas were on the Cursed Sim

So get your goth on and head down to the fair.
Have a wonderful, evil, day  >:)
 xoxoxox - Savvy