I've been a good girl, I promise!

So Covert Affairs has an interesting event going.
Its called the Numberology event.
A lot of stores were given a number and had to make a release based on what that number meant.
So its an event with a bit of thought behind it :3
*Rotten Defiance* is participating in this event.

This is *RD*'s Guardian Angel Dress in Pink.
Isn't it pretty?!
Comes with the wings and halo so you can look like a good girl too!
And it comes in 14 different colors.
She's also selling the winged headband which you can buy separately to match your dress.

The dress is 166L per color.
The headband is 66L per color.
Betcha can't guess what RD's number is! :P

Their booth is HERE

While at the event be sure to look around.  Plastik, R3volt, Blacklace, and tons of other designers have booths out with exclusive items.

xoxoxox - Savvy aka The Angel Princess (JUST for today though! lol)