Gos(and so much more!) @ Love Donna Flora!!

Everyone who knows me, knows how much of a sucker I am for charitable causes, in RL and in SL as well. I happily donate what I can every month to the local ASPCA, I used to donate generously to Feed the Children and the Autism Society(for my RL younger brother) and I try to walk in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure, every year. In SL I donate every year to Locks of Love/Wigs For Kids(by shopping at the Hair Fair and by donating in kiosks as well) and to RFL. I am not adverse to shopping for a cause, because it means that I get to fill my inventory with exclusive things, and I get a good feeling because my lindens are going to help someone who needs it way more than I do. That's where the Love Donna Flora event comes in. The creative genius behind the showstopping jewelry and clothing is suffering from breast cancer, and she has to finance any alternative therapies she tries, and she is responsible for her own home nursing care. So naturally, my bleeding heart is screaming that I must be here and must spend spend spend. I've seen the devastation that breast cancer causes, and as a part of my nursing training in RL, I spent some time on the cancer ward. It's hard to witness, I can only imagine what the people who go through it feel.
Anyway, I can feel myself tearing up a bit as I write this, so it's time to move on to happy things. Like...the exclusive color of the Lauren d'Orsay(aptly and cutely named Flora) released by Gos!!! I was determined to get to this event as soon as possible, and as soon as I got a notice that the sim was open, I went over. I had a little bit of technical issues(RE: I wore my entire jewelry folder there, on accident), but I perservered and fought the lag to get to the Gos kiosk, and I wasn't disappointed...

  Yay, shoes!!!

I didn't really look around the sim because I only wanted to go for these shoes tonight(but I picked up three couples poses on my way to the shoes, and LivGlam demos, go figure), but let me tell you...there are a TON of kiosks, and from what I saw...so many cute things!

With the cups shown

without the cups shown

This event runs from July 25th until August 11th, and once this event is over, I don't think you'll be seeing these shoes again...so what are you waiting for?? Go there! Just be prepared to fight the lag. In that case, do what I do: De-render all those people who are hoggin up your precious bandwidth, and stroll on through like a boss! :P

What I'm Wearing:
Hair: Truth - Tymber(blood)
Jewelry: Donna Flora - Pasqualina set
Dress:  coldLogic Carey in Cream
Shoes:  [Gos] Boutique - Lauren d'Orsay - Flora Available at the Love Donna Flora event, take this link!

Happy shopping!! And remember...it's for a wonderful cause, this could help this wonderful, creative woman and could save her life...quite literally.