More pretty!

Slx has put out newness :3
I immediately had to show you what they are.
Even though I was in the middle of organizing inventory...
Granted I usually look for an excuse to stop that >.>
On to the goodies!

The Bum is perfect for lazying around.
Or hunting which is why my inventory is a mess.
Shoes, Jeans, 2 shirt options, and Glasses are all included.
Its 95L as a promotional price on marketplace, HERE

The Mid-Summer Dress and Sandels was the other new outfit.
The dress comes with a hud with 5 different colors you can pick from.
The sandels come with a hud as well so you can match them to the dress and your skin tone :3
It also comes with a collar and bracelet, which SL would not let me attach -.-
The back of the dress is awesome.  I just had to take a picture to share.
This outfit is also 95L on marketplace.  Link is HERE

Be sure to visit the inworld store as well.  SLX is a great place for great quality outfits for cheap!

xoxoxox - Savvy