Shoes. Oh my god, shoes.

Hello, my lovelies! I am here to give a confession of some sort. I, Caitlin Mirabella, am a shoe slut. Yep, that's right. Shoes are my weakness in SL, especially anything with a wicked heel, because I have awful ankles and knees in RL, so sadly I can't wear them there. I am a shameless shoe snob, and only the best in SL footwear will ever grace my dainty princess feet. *giggles*

Yep, there I am...such a dirty girl.

So since I'm reveling in the fact that I'm simply obsessed, let me tell you about these amazing shoes that I am currently wearing. They are the Lauren d'Orsay, designed by the wickedly talented Gospel Voom, and sold from his store, Gos! If I like the way that a shoe looks in multiple colors, I tend to save up(or make cute eyes at the hubby) for the fatpack of them, because it makes more sense to buy in bulk...and these gorgeous shoes...well...of course I had to have the fatpack. 

The fatpack offers 8 gorgeous colors, so it's super easy to be able to pick a color based on what you're wearing(shown on me is the Black Satin), and there's another awesome option: the cup covering the heel is able to be removed, which makes it into a super casual summer shoe!! What's not to love??
sooo cute...le sigh...

Now, a wonderful thing is that if you can't afford the fatpack...right now, if you go to The Liason Collaborative(which is a place full of exclusive goodies, go go go!), you can pick up a pair of these gorgeous shoes in two colors, for the price of one pair! The first color is a lovely creme color, and the second is a warm gooey(well, maybe not gooey but it looks yummy) chocolate! I strongly encourage you, darling readers, to go there and grab up these darling shoes, because they won't be around forever! The current round at the Liason Collaborative lasts until August 15th, then these shoes go on sale at the Gos mainstore, but you only get one pair for the price! 


Shoes worn: Lauren d'Orsay - Jewel Collection by [Gos]
Where to get the Truffle Collection:  The Liason Collaborative