The Awesomeness that is Stand4Love...

Hey everyone!! I'm going to deviate from the norm that is this blog's goal of letting everyone know where the hottest of everything is available for one post, and mention an experience that Kaileebaby, Savvy and I had the honor of being a part of, and that is Stand4Love 2013!!

Kaileebaby and I were photographers for this amazing cause, and Savvy's store, Princess Oddities, was a sponsor. To sum up this campaign in a few sentances, it's about the freedom to love whoever you wish to love, be they gay, straight, whatever. Its a big picture campaign, those who support equal rights for all just snapped a picture or two, played with it post-process, put an inspirational quote and the Stand4Love logo on the photo, and submitted it to their Flickr group, where the photos are able to be viewed by a large population of the grid.

This amazing cause was started by Editorial Clarity and his SL husband/RL partner, RicoRacer Flux, and they have been at the helm of this for two years now! Great job, gents!!

Now, my post today is about the in-world Stand4Love Gallery, where you can come in, wander around, and see all of the amazing creations that the talented photographers involved in this cause submitted. You can also read the quotes from various residents scattered along the floor! All of this in a low-lag gallery, high up in the sky!

You can also view the pictures that I took, but just in case you can't make it over, I'll post them here as well. Hearts, everyone!!

Models: Caiti & Kai

Models: Joselyn & Ryuichi Braveheart

Models: Aierwon & Caiti SerraBella