What fairytales are made of

Every girl deserves to feel like a princess.
Or a bad guy >:)
Such is the lesson behind the Happily Ever After Hunt.
Each store has an apple out for 5L.
Some stores have the good guy apples. (red)
Some have bad guy apples. (black)
And some have both!  Muahahaha.
*clears throat*
So I popped around this weekend and picked up a few of the prizes that I loved.
The Hunt Website has most of the pictures HERE

This is a combination of a couple prizes.
The dress is part of ~*Arsenic and Old Lace*~'s prize.
The wings, horns, eyes, and face make up is from ~*Souzou Eien*~

*RoTtEn DeFiAnCe* has this wickedly gorgeous crown out as their prize.
It also comes in Red/Black.
ANNND As their good guy prize, there is a pink/white crown to find as well :D

After seeing how pretty this outfit from .Sugar & Cyanide. was, I felt faint.
It comes with tango appliers as well :D

 ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... has this Snow White Esque Dress out as their giftie.
It also comes with panties hanging around the knees.

And this is just a teeny sample of what you can find in this hunt.
Prizes are 5L a piece, so not free, but thanks to the pictures on the website you can at least see what you are buying.
Store list and hints to the hunt is HERE

xoxoxox - Savvy