Black Fair Awesomeness...featuring Moda!!!!

Hello, lovely and awesometastic people!! It's me, Caiti, here again to give you the latest fashionista scoop!! You know what's hot this week? Savvy told you all already about Collabor88...and I won't even admit to how much I spent there the first time I went...but I'm here to tell you about The Black Fair! This event is sponsored by *Mon Cheri*, Essences, Whatever, Cynful, Purple Poses, Chandelle, NV, deeR, Mes Suceries, Humanoid, DeeTaleZ, and Mons...with a whopping 92 designers offering exclusive items! Holy sparkles! All of these designers are offering at least one exclusive item that is styled with black as the central color...with skins, makeups, jewelry, clothes, accessories and so much more! at least 70% of the stores, you can find a freebie or dollarbie gift! So...even if you don't have a lot of money to spend, you can wander around and hit up all of the stores for their gifties!

This is what the gift box looks like :D

So the first that I heard of this event was on Facebook, when I saw a dress that a designer that I've been watching posted(god if that makes sense...), and I've been keeping an eye on this designer because she models her mesh creations for the curvier ladies of SL. There isn't a lot of body adjusting I have to do when I wear her clothes. =MODA= rocks my socks off!!  So anyway...I saw a picture of one of her releases, called the Alice Vintage Bow Dress, and I HAD to have it.

So...I bought it. :P

This dress is incredible!! When I went to buy this(fighting the lag all the while), I thought that I would be buying one single dress. That's it. But when I got home and went to put it on, I saw the color change HUD and almost fell over...this dress comes in 13 different patterns...not to mention the bow at the waist can change to 8 different colors, and the netting at the bottom of the dress changes 8 different colors as well! So you can totally wear this dress for days on end and just style it a little differently, and nobody will ever know! Just look at nom nom.

So there ya have it! My needle full of shopping addiction, ready for you to get your fix! Be sure to make your way over to the Black Fair, it's going on from the 9th until the 23rd of August! :D


Credits for Photos:
Photo 1
All furniture belongs to me, purchased from various stores or gifted to me. Setting is in my Victorian-themed room in my house. Pose I'm using is from {.:exposeur:.}, Back to Black 2, offered at Collabor88 this month!

Photo 2 & 3:
Hair: >Truth< Qopi [Roots] - Reds05
Jewelry: [Mandala] Pearl Rain set season 2/Maple Black
Dress: =MODA= Alice Vintage Bow Dress w/HUD(available @ Black Fair)
Shoes: N-core Cuore "Fatpack" Black shown