Hurry Hurry Hurrrrrrrrrrrrry

While looking through my addiction known as facebook, I seen SAKIDE had posted on her page that she had an exclusive dress out for the 24 event.
And she only had 100 of them out for sale.
So... I sorta dropped everything I was doing and elbowed, kneed, and shoved my way to her store to grab one up.
The Obsession Dress is absolutely gorgeous.
Its 2 parts.  The top, and the skirt so you can wear them together or separately.
The best part though, is it comes with a hud, so you can choose between red, white, off white, or black for each piece. 
As I post this, she has 81 dresses left so hurry over and grab one up!

Told you, absolutely a breathtaking dress!
The sim is HERE.
Good luck grabbing one up!

xoxoxox - Savvy