I got my swagger on!

Afternoon Dolls!  Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling pretty good about yourself?  You get dressed.  Hair laid back, clothes on point, body tight and think "Damn I look good" ? Then catch yourself in the mirror and just can't stop looking? What...Did I say too much? *giggles*  I also just realized that I'm showing you a peek of my undies again.  This is really beginning to become a theme with me.  Maybe I should seek some help for that...

Anyway...Sometimes shopping and getting fun new things can just turn your day around and make you feel like a new woman!  Doesn't have to be something expensive or fancy or extraordinary.  Just has to make you feel good when you slip it on.  So go out and find you something super kyoot and get your swagger on too!

The deets:

Hair:  .:EMO-tions:. * CHEVIA * B+W-pack

Headset:  +Half-Deer+ Etude Headphones [Peach]

Jacket:  D-Style - Izara Jacket Plain w. HUD (NEW!)
*tons of different color combinations on this HUD!*

top:  [monso] My Tied Bratop - Black

Pants:  NS:: Street Affair Pants mesh HUD (NEW!)
*lots of colors and patterns!*

As always, keep rockin dolls!