I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeee... Free fallin

Hrm, maybe I should have titled this 'Freebie Fallin'
This post is about freebies, obviously.
More specifically, formalish freebies!
**Gizza Creations** has a BUNCH of freebies out.
For men and women!
I drug Ember and Mr Carson over, then pleaded and begged, and maybe vaguely threatened them to pose in a picture with me.  >.>

 All three of our outfits were free from Gizza!
And there are a TON more.
All you have to do is tp over to **Gizza Creations**
Join the FREE group, and then grab all the free outfits they have set up!
There is a few formals, a few casuals, a bunch of men's.
It is a little laggy though so patience is a must.
So hurry over and grab up some pretties for yourself!

In other news... Paperdolls now has a headquarters \0/
There are a couple freebies out, and we are still working on things.
But feel free to head over, grab the free stuff and give us feedback on what you think or what you'd like to see!
TP to the HQ is HERE
Tis all for now :)

xoxoxox -Savvy


  1. "I drug Ember and Mr Carson"
    See that, drugged us!!!


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