Kick A** Babydoll!

When last seen our heroine, Nature's Envy, had just freed some innocent cows from danger.  Word has it she is now off to travel the world in search animals that need her help.  Coming soon to a SL theater near you...Kick A** Dolly - Natures Envy.  Protecting the world one panda at a time.  Though she be small, she is fierce! *giggles*  

I've not lost my mind, I promise!   What happened was I saw the preview to the movie  Kick-A** 2 then saw these "had to have made me do the grabby hands" goggles from (RO) Remarkable Oblivion and I got inspired.  I tried to figure out if I were a superhero what kind would I be. I popped on this super cute dress by NS (comes with a hud that has 5 different colors!)  The hubby said it reminded him of leaves.  Light bulb moment!  Put together my love of animals and his creative name and my alter ego Nature's Envy is born!  If you were a superhero what kind would you be?  Get out and have some fun today.  Drop by and check out these awesomesauce creators and get inspired!  Let's have some fun and let me see what you come up with!

Inspiration points


Antlers:  +Half-Deer+ Eternum Antlers (Black Gold Studded)  [previous Arcade round]

Goggles:  RO - Sandstorm Goggles - RedOut  [FaMESHed]

Lips:  [PF] Glossy Pout  Lipsticks - <Bright>

Dress:  NS::  Mesh Mermaid Dress (HUD) [Reef Colors Fair]

Superheroes Unite!
Kaileebaby aka Nature's Envy


  1. "Kick A** Dolly - Natures Envy"... It looks too much like "Kick A Dolly" -- something no one should ever condone. That won't stop me from enjoying the series and hoping for some serious a** kicking. :)

    Coming soon: Nature's Greed, Nature's Gluttony and, my favorite, Nature's Sloth.


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