Taste the Rainbow!

No sleep Savvy = Free goodies for you!
I was scrolling through the hunt page today and found a small hunt called 'Taste the Rainbow'
When I say small, I mean its less than 20 stores.
15 I think.
But here are my fave goodies I found!

Rainbow Cottage and plants from Chic Buildings
The Dragonfly hanging out in the background is actually a glider you can sit on and ride!
The :+:SS:+: Franklin C. Flutterbye - Rainbow Hang Glidder can be found here.

I generally stray away from too much colorfulness but all these goodies were too good to pass up!
Tail and Horn : . a i s l i n g .

Lingerie and make-up:  ~Blacklace~ Primal: Rainbow Tiger Print Cincher Set w/ Lola's
        ~Blacklace Beauty~ Rainbow Kisses Makeup

Both are at Blacklace
Wings:  Deviance - Titania Fairy Wings - Rainbow
Hair: Alice Project - Alexis Glitter/Rainbow Streaks - Naturals

This awesome photo prop is from ::WetCat::
It has several different single and couples poses in it.

All of this stuff is FREE.
And its all excellent stuffs so hurry over to HERE and get all details on this amazing hunt!

xoxoxox - Savvy