Day to Night with Moda and Maai!

Hello, my lovelies!! 

I was feeling all sorts of sexy today, so I decided to rummage through my closets to find the perfect outfit to suit my mood. Luckily for me, Moda Designs pulled through again with a gorgeous pink dress that Eon will be releasing October 1st as a hunt prize, for the Breast Cancer Awareness Hunt! I made big pouty eyes at Eon over FB to see if I could get it from her early, thank you so much dear for sending it my way! Ladies, make sure to perform monthly's never too early to start checking.

Also...can I just say how much I love the new Lola Tango Mirages? They look so much more...natural to me. They don't have the pronounced teardrop slopes, and the nipples aren't as pronounced either. The menu to adjust the boobies is so much more easier to use, and there's a lot more can even rotate them! And just in case you're wondering...the Tango appliers work with the Mirages, so there's no need to worry that you'll have to replace your entire wardobe by updating! They'll run you L$1750, the same as the Tangos, and there is no demo, but if you're already familiar with the Tangos, then the lack of demo won't be much of an can always ask your girliefriends to show you their boobs just to get a peek! :D

What I'm Wearing:
Hair: >Truth< Vicky - Blood
Mesh Breasts: Lolas :::Tango Mirage:::
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer on the Marketplace - High Tea - 4pm Tea and Cupcakes
Dress: =MODA= Designs Sheree Sparkle Dress - Pink(Worn with Tango/Mirage appliers)
Shoes: [Gos] Boutique @ FaMESHed Paris Peeptoe - Metallics(Silver shown)

So I've got my daytime outfit nailed, and I was lookin all cute all day, then my sister had to get ready for her weekly DJ set at Franks Elite Jazz! I thought to myself.."yay! I'm gonna go...any chance to get to hear her DJ is fun, and I can get dressed up, too!" I got all excited because I remembered that I had hit up Acid Lily last night, and found a sexy and slinky number from Maai! 
*Big thanks to Savvy for graciously letting me blog this dress. You're the best!*
Oh yes, that is the one. Mmmm...

I am very VERY particular when it comes to formal dresses, and for the most part, I do not think that mesh dress designers can compete with a good flexi formal gown. The mesh skirts just can't do the same that flexi can...however...the way that Maai does it is fantastic, because she remembers to add flexi attachments to the base of the gowns, giving it a very sexy and seductive look. Another plus for Maai is that Tango appliers come with all of her gowns, so you ladies who rock those big and beautiful boobies can still look amazing in formalwear!

What I'm Wearing:
Hair: >Truth< Portia - Blood w/Roots
Jewelry: EarthStones Vintage Romance Set - Vamp, Diamond Bangles - Platinum
Dress: Maai @ Acid Lily Gallery! "Faith" Leather Mesh Gown/Lolas/Red
Shoes: [Gos] Boutique - Paris Peeptoe - Patent Collection(Black Patent worn)

I rocked my evening look very well, if I do say so myself...but then the hubby came home from a long day at work, and I took it upon myself to dress all sexy and stuff for him, even if all he could do was look and appreciate, since he's sick himself...poor babylove. So being the loving, doting wife that I am, I dug into my sexytimes closet and pulled out this darling cincher that Moda Designs originally created for the Black Fair, but has since been released in her main store! I paired it with some stockings and garters from Blacklace, and put on my come-sex-me-up boots from Bax, and teased up my hair...and snuggled with my honey. He told me to save my outfit before he went to bed, so he could fully appreciate it at a later date. *wiggles and giggles*

What I'm Wearing:
Hair: Exile::Wild At Heart - Blacks(Sin worn)
Cincher: =MODA= Designs Claudia Waist Cincher Set(includes a bra&Tango appliers)
Panties, Garters&Stockings: Blacklace Dazzling: Black Panties, Garters, Stocking Tops & Thigh High stockings
Boots: Bax by Bax Coen - Regency Boots in Black Leather

And that's how you do it, ladies!!! I hope you all enjoy!! 
~Caiti <3