Naughty naughty, we like to party!

Weee we are on a roll today.
Earlier Ember showed you a style from Tameless.
I had to check out other styles and omg.
I found this one, and I absolutely ... just rawr'd at it.
Its so edgy, and rock and rollish.
 So then I had to find an outfit to compliment it.
I found what I was looking for at Trinite.
Check out the stuffs!

Hair: Tameless Roxi - Fades
(This comes with a hud and hair bases!)
Outfit: Trinite Ryder Full outfit
(Comes with the arm warmers, half-shirt, pasties, skirt, boots, and alpha layers so you can mix and match the pieces with other outfits :3)
Earrings:  (I honestly don't know, the creator was unknown so I couldn't link to them.  SORRY!)

Tis all from me for today!
Party on people!

xoxoxox - Savvy