The Hangover

 Waking up in the parking lot of a Waffle House is never a good thing, but damn in this Hoorenbeek tux, I still look awesome! How the hell did I get here anyway what the hell is this bear doing here???

 I remember earlier in the evening, I looked amazing with this black tuxedo. I'm wearing the cummerbund and the bow tie because it was a formal event.....I think. 
Is that a Tiger???

Then, I had a drink, and every thing's kind of a blur after that.  
I do think you'll love this tux. it has options for open jacket, closed jacket, with or without a tie or jackets, if you want it, you got it. 
it's amazing and it really really works!!

So  head to Hoorenbeek and pick up this great tux and don't forget to watch "The  Hangover" now available on Blu-ray!