Best day of my life!

Last night I went to bed a little down.  Life has a way of doing that to us sometimes.  This morning in the light of day however things seem so bright and clear and I am able to get a greater perspective.  Nothing is ever as bad as it seems, there is always a way up and out.  Most importantly life is way too short so you should make sure that each and every day is the best day of your life!

Now on to shoppins!  Delirium Sol has been a busy little bee again and I have two dresses from her.  The first an absolutely dahling one from her Sweet Tart line and the other is another of her super awesome retro line of clothes.  Both must haves so run run run and get 'em!  I also have a top that I saw and immediately fell in love with.  It's from LavandaChic.  I adore her things.  She has a cute, quirky and colorful style that's always fun.  Oh!...and last but not least  make your way to FatPack*Week Discount Room! (that's where the top came from)  If you are like me and have to have everything in every color to fit your mood then that's the place to be!

hair:  (Chemistry) Hair - Tamora w/ Rose clip

skin:  *Glance Skins - Nyasha - Bean 

Dress:  ^v^DRBC^v^ :sweet tart: Chloe Dress

Tights:  *GF* Basic Color Tights -dark&natural 21-(no.1~21)

Shoes:  BAX Prestige Boots Candy Latex

Bracelet:  :[MANDALA] MILKY WAY BANGLEs/polly white

Bear:  .{yumyums}. War-Ready I-lo {No Bully Bear}  (only 1L!!)

Antlers:  +Half-Deer+ Eternum Antlers (Divinity) [box] RARE

Hair:  .ploom. Anarin (small) - Easter Hunt

Skin:  Essences ~ Amaterasu ~ lait - ginger (01)

Necklace:  {Dead Apples} Antlers Chain Necklace - YingYang/Gunmetal RARE

Top:  LavandaChic*Eisabeth Blusa*Fat pack (FatPack*Week Discount Room)

Legs:  ::ChiNeko:: tights - lt grey *got these over a year ago on Marketplace and couldn't find the link again...sowwy :( *

Hair:  [LOVE SOUL] Hair+Cap*A-Snow White*Jet Black 7

Dress:  ^v^DRBC^v^ Nettie Dress - Purrfect Noir 

Shoes:  KIKI Designs-Coqueta DOLL (Black)

As always I heart you all!  Keep rockin dolls!


  1. *steals that last DRBC dress offa your body and walks away*


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