Halloween is 23 days away!

I have a confession.
I love wedding dresses.
Yes, I'm already married, and I adore and love my hubby so no plans to walk down the aisle again.
But still... something about big, poofy, flowy dresses make me squee like the girly girl I am.
So when I seen this dress from Maai, I made grabby hands and snuggled it, loved it, called it my squishy..
*clears throat*
Anyways... Maai outdone herself once more with this dress.
There is a white version, but with Halloween coming up, I thought a black wedding dress was more appropriate.  Did I mention I love Halloween too?!

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Felicity -  reds
Tiara: dl:: Emo Queen
Dress and Veil: MAAI - " Wirna " wedding gown / Lolas / Black

Isn't just perfect?
Floofy (yes a made up word!) and gorgeous and eeeee!
The dress comes in 5 mesh sizes, plus flowy prim pieces, as well as the veil.

xoxoxox - Savvy