Stuff I love.

 So I was checking out the marketplace today and stumbled upon *CK* 
 & realized I had never been to the mainstore .
love their stuff so off  I went .
When wandering I stumbled upon this super duper FREE mesh dress!!

It comes with a HUD and has some really sweet patterns.
Go, join group and get it!!! 
Love this!!!

Also I have been thinking that I don't have nearly enough onsies in my wardrobe.
Recently I got myself three pairs in RL so time for more in SL!
I headed over to Cracked Mirror to see if by chance they still had theirs out from the arcade,
 and ..They did!!!

Oh the hair!! I can't forget the hair!!!
It's from D!va,
OMG I love their hair, so soft with many options.
I have been on a bit of a bender at this store of late.
This is one of my many recent purchases Natsuki2.

What I'm sporting.

                                Photo 1.
Hair -  ""D!va"" Hair "Natsuki2" (Cat's eye)
        Dress - *CK* Summer rockfest (Group gift w/hud)
Wall Sign - [Noble] @ The candy Fair (Free)

                             Photo 2.
 Hair -  ""D!va"" Hair "Natsuki2" (Cat's eye)
Wall Sign - [Noble] @ The candy Fair (Free)
Footie jammies -  (CM) PJ's Purple (50LGatcha)

                               Photo 3.
     Hair -  ""D!va"" Hair "Natsuki2" (Cat's eye)
Lolli - adoness: candy fair 2013: (gift)
Collar - oOXAOo  Victorian Collar 
Outfit - *CK* Cute and cozy baby

TTFN, Ember. xoxo