We all float down here...

Welcome to the Cirque Du Freak Hunt!
KaTnipZ really outdid herself on this hunt!
This hunt is a blast to go through.
Anyone that knows me, knows I love the macabre, the dark, the twisted...
Several stores delivered on this, and then some.
Now the hunt isn't free, but each prize is only 5L.
Almost free :D
First up was:

This outfit was from St@sis.
I had never heard of this store, but this outfit is awesome.
Outfit: St@sis CDF Hunt Prize
Hair:  eep . hair 017 . colors

Hair: Magika [02] Curious
Shoes: CDF #23 WCI

Mask: CDF - Laudanum Lollipops
Outfit: .S&C. Cirque CDF Hunt Prize
(Outfit, boots, gloves, stockings all included)
Hair:  eep . hair 005 . colors
Here's a close up of the mask.
Its super awesome... I already freaked out a couple friends with it :D

So get your freak on and go do this hunt!
And all the info, hints, stores, and prize pictures can be found HERE
Happy hunting~
Oh and all the pictures were taken at this awesome super creepy carnival place:  Deadpool

xoxoxox - Savvy