Baby It Is Cold Outside!

Living in the snow belt of the US makes me put off breaking out the warmer clothes for as long as possible, because once the snow flies, we are stuck with the wooly assortment for what seems like forever!  The same is true for me in SL....I am finally breaking down and pulling out my warmer looks, only to realize that last year's mesh just doesn't cut off to hunt and gather I go.  I found this warm and comfy long sleeved dress at ColdLogic, one of my favorites!  Slip on my BAX boots and I am dressed and ready to face the frozen frenzy ahead.  It may be cold outside, but I feel HOT in my first cold weather look for the season.  Stay warm Dolls....I know you'll look great doing it!


DressColdLogic - Zane in Ecru

BootsBAX - Prestige Boots in Brown Leather

HairTruth - Siri in Dark Browns

NecklaceEarthstones - Butterfly Necklace - Whisper

Pose PropDiesel Works Poses & Animations - Poly Wall v2012 - DW01, Texture 9