Felled Angel

My best friend Luna Talon and her Master Rix Spyker are usually occupied with photo projects. The results  shared on Flickr are often very intense and naughty photosets. Rix always manages to surprise with the angle he choses for his photo's. His themes are different, sometimes even controversial. Put that together with good lightening and editing and get awesome results! Last year I was asked to be the dark angel in one of their photoshoots. Something different for me. But I took up on the challenge and together we took down the innocent, white angel to put her in chains...

The entire photoset can be found on the Flickr page of Rix Spyker

What I am wearing (black angel):

Skin: [HUSH] January - Shiver - Vanilla (groupgift january 2013)

What Luna is wearing (white angel):