Inspiration on the school floor

Cutegasm ~ the reaction one feels when being exposed to something overly cute. 
This may be an emotional, physical or even sexual response.

If you have a thing for cosplay, you will definately have one of these cutegasms when visiting the Edelweiss mainstore. If the four models, performing a little geisha act, don't catch your attention, their school line definately will. And I am not talking about four standard outfits, no, this school line covers two walls and gives you a huge range of choices. You can pick the color and pattern of your mesh skirt, blazer or vest. Then you decide if you want a tie, or maybe rather a ribbon? Also these can be worn with or without the blazer. On top of that there are slouchy socks to buy with them to complete the look. Shopping at Edelweiss made me squeel like a kid in a candy store and wince like a mother thats trying to look after her money. Not because the products are extremely expensive, the pricing is very reasonable. But because I want it all! Don't get me started about the sailor girl outfits that work with this very same system... Gasp. I will definately be back here.

I could talk so much more. I mean the hair, I love the hair and the bow changes colors. I wish it the hair came with much more colors options, but for now it is 'just' the natural colors hair. Still very worth the money though. The school furniture is a set made by oyasumi, found at Kustom9, an event that opened at january, 1st. Did you get your free pair of shoes there yet?

Don't forget to smile. 
All in my schoolgirl style I want to share these little chalkboards by Serenity Style. They are now out at the new round of the Pre Release Gatcha Garden. I love how colorful and inspiring they are! 


Skin: [:ME:] Carol Medium Skintone *groupgift*
Eyes: [LeLutka]-Ellis-Cloud
Hair: Rosy mood MESH hair / Swirly (chocolate)
Blazer: *Edelweiss* School-Line Blazer - gray
Skirt: *Edelweiss* School-Line Skirt - red
Tie: *Edelweiss* School-Line RibbonTie - red
Socks: *Edelweiss* School-Line Loose Socks
Shoes: Slink Margot Ballet Slipper Black


  1. I haven't been to Edelweiss since before they started doing mesh!! Great post, it made me giggle and smile :D
    <3 Cait

  2. I wonder why it doesn't show a picture with mine.. *pouts*


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