Warm and cozy winter nights

There is nothing I like more than relaxing at home.   A room that I feel safe in, good music playing in the background and a good book in hand. For the ambiance of the room, I'm constantly changing things according to my mood and looking for fun things to add.   A friend of mine, Editorial Clarity, is an amazing decorator.  He and his husband  have a site Love To Decorate.  So many amazing rooms and ideas.  I spend hours pouring over that site.  They have one section "Show us your comfy room"  This got me to thinking about what my idea of "comfy" is.  To me it's all about surrounding myself with things that I love.  I like warm, cozy and eclectic.  I'm not your matchy matchy girl and certainly not perfect.  I just love having fun things around me when I'm relaxing.  I hope this gets you motivated to do a little redecorating too!

Happy decorating, Dolls!


[LeeZu!] Cats Poster (The Arcade - Dec. round)

DIGS - Langley Armchair - Taupe

<:*BoOgErS*:> Paparzzi Bear (The Arcade - Dec. round)

+Half-Deer+ Sleepy Italian Greyhound in Dog Bed - Fawn

[HANDverk]Carousel Horse.robin's egg (The Arcade - Dec. round)

Alouette - Crate Bookshelf - Dark

[LeeZu!] Streetart Poster (The Arcade - Dec. round)

{what next} Charlotte Sofa (Set B)

{af} Treats Platter RARE (The Arcade - Oct. round)

{af} Lemon Tea

the Aracade Carousel (Small)  [Anya Ohmai, creator - not available for sale]

The Loft - Adwin Coffee Table 1.2