Channeling my inner Zanze

I'm pretty laid back, but even so, its nice to meditate occasionally. 
What does that have to do with anything? I don't know, but I think Zanze would be a really good mantra. They also have some great new clothes like the ones I'm wearing. 
This is Blake, it's all one piece Cardigan/shirt. I love the textures!

And this is Reece. 
It's a nice leather vest with a shirt that had me dreaming about the old west! 
see, it's very relaxing. 

Have a great day. Happy meditating!

Hair: Hair TYLER -Dark- *REDGRAVE
Skin: -NIVARO- Baptiste Skin -
Shirt/Vest- Zanze-Men Blake Cardi Full 
Shirt/Sweater- Zanze-Men Reese 
Pants- Hoorenbeek Classic Jeans - Alpha Low Rise