1000th Post. WOW!

Hello friends.
In case we haven't met let me introduce myself.
I'm Ember Adored and This is my little blog.

I started this blog with the first twisted hunt in February 2009.
See, I was an avid freebie hunter. Not just any freebies though, I was oh so picky even with those. So Everyday people would come and ask me about my look.
My partner at the time suggested I make this blog to pass people the link when asked so I didn't stop and  gush over and over all day to everyone who threw me a compliment.

It's first name was Ember's Treasures and man when looking back I cringe.
I didn't know how to make an SLURL. I remember when I finally started putting them in I would make one manually having no idea you could copy to clip board from the map.

After Ember's Treasures I changed the name to Ember's Rants 'N' Raves.
And remained as such until I met Kailee Soulstar.
Then we together became 2 Girls & A Blog (ever see 2 girls and a cup? don't but we thought it hilarious)

 With Kailee's help the blog morphed, not only was I blogging just freebies. I gained a few sponsors and began blogging pay items.
 This is now 2013 I think and this is the point where we just now start applying to feeds. ( Was on a few freebie ones )

I was totally clueless just plugging along, posting where I could , trying to help out my fellow residents find the best bargains.

A few months after Kai joined me along came Savvy.
Let me tell you , this woman is a powerhouse. When she gets it in her head to do something , she get's it DONE!  Things moved along at a pretty good clip after Sav joined us, We now had loads of content!

We then became Paperdolls.
I think it fits nicely ( Thank you Daddy for the name)
We then expanded again, bringing on Caiti & Carson who added a well needed testosterone boost to our publication.
( We thank you as we no longer have to morph into men for posts!)
Also the winds of change brought my sister Cozee in as a guest blogger and also Pink who sometimes honors us with a super sweet post to this day.( Thank you sweetie)
This year has seen a lot of change here at Paperdolls.
  1. We are now on at least 17 feeds.
  2. We have a Facebook page.
  3. We have started our own fashion feed, Another SL Fashion Feed.
  4. Our Flickr Pages are gaining momentum.( View them all in the Flickr tab at the top of the page.)
  5. Kailee & Caiti stated their own blog . Visit them HERE
 Wow, time does fly.
Sometimes I wonder why I do this every day then I look back and remember.
If I can do one thing to help someone else out, maybe make them smile..
That would be the reason why.
So thank you. 
Every single one of you for joining me on this blog and those of you following along my journey. Also a HUGE thank you to our sponsors.

Here's to another 1000!
(P.s. I will still gladly stop and tell you all about where to find what I'm wearing, maybe even hold your hand while I drag you around the shops)


Hair - CATWA - FLEXI Basma 
Skin - .:Panda Punx:. BS Queenie (Dangerous Curves Hunt Gift)
Shape - .::WoW Skins::. Luna.
Eyes - Chus! Puppet Lenses Fiery.
Pose - Something New~ Blog My Feet.


  1. Congratulations! Great post!

  2. Awesomesausage. I love you. Kiss.

  3. Aww, Ember!! You're the absolute bestest!! Thank you so much for bringing me into your blog team for as long as you did, it was a pleasure...and I learned a lot from you. Congratulations on reaching 1000!!!! <3

    1. *Smiles* Thank's Caiti. Also thank you for your eagerness and offering to help me with figuring out WL and stuff !

  4. Congrats Ember and Paper Dolls. You guys inspire me. I wish I could blog as fast as you guys do. As well as take great pictures too. :) Continued good luck to you!

    1. Hey Nieandera, Thank you so much. Fast is good for blogging but not so much for social life LOL. I spend 90% of my time on my build platform sorting, organizing, styling and photographing. But still, I love it.

  5. Congrats! And don't cringe at your newbie mistakes! Remember how much you've had to hold my hand as I learned to blog? I am honored to be doing this with you, and I am so very grateful you allowed me to blog with you! Here's to 1000 more posts! ♥

    1. Boy did I ever make a lot. But I plugged along and figured it out eventually.
      Also totally worth holding you hand, I love to help and hope to help others in the industry(?) as well. ♥ Thank you for everything you do Savvy pants. You rock.


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