Take your shirt off!

Well Dolls, you asked for it and here it is..... Topless Carson!
OK you're welcome!
The Penumbra Fashion week is still going strong,
and today I have a pair of Bermuda shorts from Dot-be.
They have a wild print that will scream Summer!
I just like wearing it shirtless, mostly because in SL, my abs have grown in, in rl I'm still waiting.

They're another Fashion Week Exclusive,
so head on down and check out the great designer showcase!
Do like T-Pain says, and head to the beach!



Hair-Hair TYLER -Dark- *REDGRAVE
Skin- NIVARO - Babtiste Skin - darktannedtone
Pants- Dot-be mesh summer bermuda  (at Fashion Week)
Glasses- Hoorenbek Moody men
Pose- BehaviorBody -GlamCornerProp